Marble And Wooden Handicraft

Gajarts – One of the Best Exporter of Marble Handicrafts & Marble temple for home from Udaipur, Rajasthan. We are dealing with Marble God statues, Marble Human Figure, Animal Statues, and Rajasthani Modern Arts. We are leading marble handicraft manufacturer and supplier in India & In abroad.

Modern Art Of Decor

The Stone Figure in Udaipur Rajasthan made from marble is the best type of figurine. Marble figures have excellent lustre and finish making them look perfect in any settings They are mostly places as artworks in public gardens, institutions, museums, hotels and large mansions and bungalows. Whether placed inside or outside, they are great artwork for display.

Wooden Decorative Crafts

A statue & crafts are work of sculpture that is made from wood. Statues have been available from pre-historical times. Perfect for those looking to create their own wooden decoration.

Marble statues and figurines

Gaj Arts is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of marble handicraft products. The company is well-known in the market for producing a range of marble products like idols, home temples, and other such products. We offer the best Marble Murti in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Marble is one of the most popular stones that are used in construction and in making statues. The word marble comes from the Greek word “Marmaros” that means shining stone. It is this shining characteristic of marble that makes it so popular, whether in flooring in construction or in making statues and figurines.

Statues, whether large ones or small figurines, when made from marble enhance the décor of a home. The white color represents purity and is strikingly attractive. Use of marble figurines in the home can truly enhance the beauty of a home. We at Gaj Arts, are one of the leading makers of marble stone handicrafts.

We offer a range of statues. This includes Marble statues of Gods and Goddesses. Idols of deities that are revered are made by our skilled artisans. These attractively designed marble idols in Udaipur would be ideal for use in the pooja room of a house. They can also be kept as a showpiece and would be one of the best gift items to present on special occasions.

Marble temple for home

One of the popular products of Gaj Arts is marble temples that can be kept in a home in the pooja room. These exquisitely designed handcrafted temples would take the pride of place in a home or even in an office. They can be made provided as per specifications of the customer so that it would be a perfect fit for the pooja room in the home or even in the showcase.

We offer the best marble pooja mandir designs for home

Our pooja mandir or marble temples are designed by our expert artisans. They are well-versed in designed marble handicraft products. They can design pooja mandirs and other products, as per the requirements of customers.

We also offer the best of marble products that can be used as showpiece items that include:

  • Marble figures, like human figure statues, Roman figures, and Rajasthani figures.
  • Statues of animals like including lion, birds, horse, cow, elephant, etc.
  • Other popular marble products like marble fountain, marble vase, marble fountain, and Meenakari items.